Yoga in the mountains / Ski and Yoga

I am a Yoga teacher, I want you to discover this discipline in the magnificent places conducive to relaxation: LA HAUTE MONTAGNE.

  • Yoga Relax in the Mountains / 1h00
  • Yoga Relax in the Mountains / 1h30
  • Active Yoga in the Mountains / 1h00
  • Active Yoga in the Mountains / 1h30
  • Discovery of Yoga in the Mountain / 1h00
  • Initiation to Yoga in the Mountains / 1h00
  • Spiritual Yoga Retreat and Yoga Workshop contact me.

Yoga à la montagne / Ski et Yoga

Je suis professeur de Yoga, je souhaite vous faire découvrir cette discipline dans les endroits magnifiques propices à la relaxation : LA HAUTE MONTAGNE.

  • Yoga Relax en Montagne / 1h00
  • Yoga Relax en Montagne / 1h30
  • Yoga Actif en Montagne / 1h00
  • Yoga Actif en montagne / 1h30
  • Découverte du Yoga à la montagne / 1h00
  • Initiation au Yoga en montagne / 1h00
  • Retraite Spirituelle Yoga et stage de Yoga me contacter.

Originating in India several thousand years ago, yoga is a bodily practice, an art, a science and a philosophy.

Iyengar Yoga is a precise and dynamic method of Hatha Yoga, based on the in-depth practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) which takes the name of its founder SrI B.K.S Iyengar.

Yoga helps develop a better physical, emotional and mental balance, as well as a sense of introspection.

Through the practice of Iyengar Yoga we maintain, energize and strengthen our physical body while bringing inner calm through the relaxation of the nervous system.

The practice of Iyengar Yoga is an instrument to soothe and relieve the mental and psychological stress of modern life, while taking care of our health as well as our physical and physiological balance.

The teaching of Iyengar Yoga is precise and rigorous, it is characterized by:
• Attention to the alignment of different parts of the body in space.
• The organization of postures in sequence
• The use of supports that allow all body types to approach postures step by step and progress safely.

Yoga is stopping the fluctuations of the mind.

Better concentration. By practicing the postures with precision, the student internalizes and stabilizes his mental strength.

Better physical and psychological health. By acting on specific areas, the postures develop a harmonious, agile and powerful body.

Openness to others and to the world. The practice of yoga raises awareness of ethics, refines intelligence, promotes tolerance and benevolence.

Camille Imbert


Standing Postures :

Stretch muscles, unblock joints and the spine, invigorate body and mind by relieving tension and pain. Stimulate digestion, keep kidneys functioning properly and relieve constipation.

Sitting Postures :

Soothing, they fight the stiffness of the pelvis and legs, erase fatigue, relax the mind and regulate blood pressure.

The postures before :

Promote interiorization and lead to “letting go”, soothe the mind and lead to great serenity. They allow the kidneys to function properly and relieve constipation.

The twists :

Reduces back pain, stiff neck, shoulders and pelvis. Help digestion and eliminate intestinal laziness.

Rear extensions :

Revitalizing, they give courage and fight depressive states. They open the rib cage and soften the spine. They make the body and mind alert.

Reverse postures :

Increase vitality, relieve the legs, improve blood circulation and stimulate the glandular system, promote concentration and sleep.

Who is yoga for ?

Le Yoga bénéfique à tous

Yoga is for everyone! It’s a physical and mental activity that has something for everyone.
Yoga is open to people of all ages and physical conditions.
Don’t give up trying a class because you think you’re too old, too stiff, too fat, too thin, too tired… You don’t need to be flexible to practice and don’t think that stiffness is a drag, of course. contrary ,: “Many people look at pictures of asana (postures) and think that a flexible body is required to perform a posture (…) A flexible body does not force the intellect to think about what is suitable or not in the realization of the posture. A stiff body, on the contrary, has resistance, a capacity for action and reaction which obliges the intellect to study posture from the right perspective “BKS Iyengar
Through the use of suitable supports, anyone with their own physical ailments can access the benefits of posture. Thanks to the supports, Iyengar Yoga does not cause damage and can often improve physical condition. Although yoga teachers are not therapists, many students find that their physical difficulties decrease as their alignment improves.

Depending on your physical ailments, I can offer you a tailor-made session.

Iyengar yoga is complementary to the intensive practices of any high level athlete or sports fan.
Through the practice of Iyengar Yoga we maintain and strengthen our physical body and then access the mind which allows us to promote concentration, self-confidence and therefore fascinating results in sport.

Yoga Iyengar

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher by the French Iyengar Yoga Association and the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

I have been practicing this Yoga teacher activity since 2014.

I have completed 3 years of training, participated in numerous conventions and internships with advanced teachers. I have been teaching since 2013 in group and private lessons. My teaching is progressive and special attention is paid to each student.

I also organize internship weekends indoors or in the countryside, as well as in-depth workshops.

These practices can be accompanied by ski / snowboard lessons or nature walks.

I can also put together an à la carte program, tailor-made, adapted to your desires and your needs.